How to Use Collaboration to Build Your Blog

Building a successful blog is a journey that should never the traveled alone, yet many people work on their blogs alone and wonder why they can’t succeed.

How to survive from all upcoming Google Panda Updates


Google “The King” punished all online spammers (and continuing) that were doing bad things with or without knowledge of it by applying -4 to -50 penalties. To survive from panda updates we must have to be honest online.

How to Make Free International Call from Mobile or PC


A Free Call and also International! After reading this some may fall in love with this crazy post as it describes all steps to make a free call from your own mobile or from your personal computer (PC) system.

Google Penalizing Everyone Who Follows Spam

google penalty

Google is turning from strict to very strict against all spammers and spam followers. Recently Google stops its “Buzz” services to stop increasing numbers of online spammers.  As google is the no.1 search engine as we all know, its main responsibility is to provide non-spamming search links to its users. For that google starts penalizing […]

How to Disable Personalized Google Search


Weather you are signed in or not you can disable or turn off personalized search from Google within clicks. Here are the step by step info to turn off personalized search: If you have signed in then follow steps below.. (1)   Click on gear icon that shows setting or down arrow next to your email […]

Keep your RSS feed healthy with Feedburner


As all of know that Healthy Mind Lives in Healthy Body same thing is true for our website RSS feed…[-]

How to make Featured Post in wordpress


Many times when we visit blogs, we see some posts which stick to the top of the page….[-]

How to create a new torrent file using uTorrent


You must have heard about torrents before. It allows users to share files like audio, video, images..[-]

Get Personalized username for Facebook Profile and Fan Pages

Facebook has emerged as one of the most famous social networking site around the world. In USA, it is the 4th most visited site …[-]

How to add sitemap URL in Robots file

Robots.txt is a small piece of file which is used to control access to the website….[-]