China is among those few countries of the world that has its internet censored. It essentially means that whatever you search for or access on the internet is monitored by the government – worse, some of the websites and/or applications may end up getting banned due to their content. Commonly, most countries ban porn and torrent sites for their nationals. In China, you would notice a more stringent control over what is being accessed over the Internet, with websites and services like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter getting banned in the country.

If you happen to be a traveler out on a leisure vacation to China, and find yourself unable to access your Facebook account to share updates with your near and dear ones, don't lose heart: for there is still hope. There are three clever ways you can access your Facebook account in China: however, be wary and ready for the inherent risks of straying beyond the line of control in a country that does not tolerate rebellion.

Method #1: Use of VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a secure gateway that protects your privacy online regarding the searches you perform, the websites you visit or for basically anything you do on the internet. Use of a VPN can give you the shadow you need to access your Facebook account without having hackers or government authorities snooping around trying to nail you down. It is a secure method of accessing banned websites in China.

Method #2: Use of Proxies

A proxy is basically a website through which you can access other websites. It is like a movie theatre – you enter a huge hall, buy tickets to the movie of your choice and go watch it. Proxies have a very interesting concept; if you open a proxy website in any random country and access a website through it, the web data makes it look like you are accessing that website in that particular country. Sitting in China and accessing Facebook through a proxy located in the USA should not be very difficult to execute. However, this method is not very reliable. Firstly, proxies are, more often than not, underequipped to handle social media websites. Secondly, China government often nails down proxies and keeps blocking them too.

Method #3: Distributed networking

There is a browser called Tor, which uses the concept of distributed networking. This concept scatters your internet surfing information throughout the globe over countless different nodes, which helps keep you untraceable and anonymous. However, while it may seem like a very good hack, the loading speeds may be very slow because the data needs to travel through a large distance to get to you. It should be mentioned that Tor will not work in China using the default configuration. It will require something called a pluggable transport in order to function.

Now you know three major hacks to access Facebook in China. Make your travel experiences known!

Source by Siva Kulkarni