There is little disputing the fact that in this relatively advanced stage of the Internet web hosting game, reseller hosting has finally come into its own. It seems that everywhere you turn in cyberspace, you are met with a barrage of electronic advertising, all designed to introduce you to the limitless possibilities of reseller hosting. In this arena, the competition is positively fierce and with everyone vying for a substantial share of what could be a profitable market, it can be hard to wade through this morass and determine which service provider will best suit your own special set of needs and requirements.

Many countless modern day success stories have already been built upon the foundation of reseller hosting and to this number of people who have found success in this endeavor, many more are added each day. In fact, the fact that you are reading this article may lead one to conclude that you are considering entering this fascinating and potentially lucrative (although challenging) pursuit yourself. You may have even had the opportunity to meet any number of people who are presently doing this very thing and perhaps have been doing so successfully for a number of years. The proliferation of cheap free reseller web hosting sites will only ensure a healthy and continuous growth in the industry for some time to come.

Just to drive home further the point of reseller hosting's widespread popularity, any number-and perhaps even all depending on your Internet surfing practices-of the web sites that you visit on a regular basis may actually be hosted on a reseller site without you even knowing it! In fact, it is quite possible that this very article that you are reading right now is hosted on…yes, you guessed it: a reseller web site.

All these details are fairly interesting in their own right (well, we think so at least!) but it also best serves to illustrate the manner in which web hosting services are delivered to the end user from the part of the web hosting reseller.

Signing up with a primary hosting service company is pretty much like being a middleman for products and services in the “real” (as opposed to virtual world of cyberspace) world, like say a supermarket owner. In this particular case, you are buying a bulk amount of web space, along with the necessary Internet connection, bandwidth and other facilities from a primary service provider. You then divide these resources among your various customers who sign up for hosting with your own company. Going back to our supermarket analogy for a little while, just as the average market shopper is largely unaware of the primary source of the goods that he or she purchases, your customers too will have little actual interaction or even awareness of your primary host. This arrangement will allow you not only to brand your service as you desire, but also to determine your price point however you wish.


Source by Sveinung Skoglund