Now in today's society everything seems to be a health risk. Even with the great invention of wireless headphones, some people are starting to think that this may cause serious brain damages because the headphones are connected to heads. Some even propose that the radiation or the transmitter might even cause cancerous tumors. The headphones are also being compared to the mobile phone in sense that the both receive transmitters and you put them both against your head.

The headphones that are wireless are defiantly not a health risk!!! We have many appliances that receive the same amount of uv/rays and radiations such as the VHF radio transmitter and television transmission which we have been using for about sixty years. If one was to look up the death rate of how many people died due to exposure of solar radiation to be specific UV, there would be a minimal amount people who had that as a cause of death. If you were to compare that to motor vehicle deaths and motor cycle death, the number is incomparable.

When was the last time you heard of anyone dying or receiving a terminal illness because they changed the radio station or turn the volume up on the television. There is no proof that radio transmission is a definite health risk. The only health risk that the wireless headphones might proposition is that you probably won't hear people yelling “WATCH OUT!!!”, if you are using a wireless noise canceling headphones such as, the Bose Quiet Comfort, that's the only problem I can for see one having with a pair of wireless headphones.

Therefore by saying this, I think that there a lot of people are scared of technology and its usage not every electron product cause cancer. People are more likely to die in a car accident before they will from using their noise canceling headphones.

Source by Chase L Morgan