Sony first introduced the PlayStation in 1994. It became such a popular video game console and today it has sold over 100 million units already. The original PlayStation was followed by the PlayStation 2 and then the PlayStation 3. Sony also has a PlayStation Portable, which was released in 2005, and the sales of the PSP have totaled 71.4 million units in 2011. The PlayStation 3 is the latest offering from Sony and is considered a seventh generation video game console currently competing with the Xbox 360 and Wii.

– PlayStation 3 Red Light Overview

Despite the popularity of the PlayStation 3, a lot of people have been voicing out their complaints regarding the PlayStation 3 red light problem. Many owners of the PS3 have noticed the red flashing light while playing. Oftentimes, they are not sure what the problem is exactly but they do know that something is wrong with their unit. This is a valid concern because people pay good money to buy their own PS3, and if the red light is blinking, it will mean spending more money for repairs.

– Causes of the PlayStation 3 Red Light

The primary causes of the red light problem are overheating and damage to the hard drive. Overheating is caused by prolonged use of the video game console. Moreover, if the console is flat on the floor or placed up in the wall, the vents could be blocked so ventilation may not be working properly. Another cause for overheating is the collection of dust in the console. If these are not the culprits, then your PS3 has hard drive issues.

– PlayStation 3 Red Light Troubleshooting Steps

You don't need to panic if you see that your PlayStation 3's red light is blinking. You can try to do the following instead:

• First is to restart your console.

• If the problem persists, turn the unit off and check for loose cables.

• You can also unplug all the cables, save for the power cord, and plug them back after a few seconds.

If these steps won't work, you have two alternatives. One is to send your console to Sony and have it repaired. You are fortunate if your unit is still under warranty because you can have it replaced. If not, you will have to wait 2 to 6 weeks and pay a minimum of $150 for the service.

Another solution will be to do the repair yourself. Repairing the PlayStation 3 red light problem is actually very simple. Most people who do the repair on their own begin with removing the hard drive and reinstalling it. Many of those who have tried doing this have had success in fixing the blinking red light. Others have resorted to replacing the unit's hard drive completely.

If you have absolutely no idea about do-it-yourself repairs, don't worry. You only have to get the PlayStation 3 Repair Guide online. This guide will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to fix your console. The guide is in PDF or video format and you can use it to learn about repairs. You can also download a program specifically for troubleshooting and repairing your PS3. The guide and program are both available for sale at considerably low prices.

Source by Zar Rief Fiq