A wedding mc is the Master of Ceremonies at the wedding reception. Think of him, or her, as the puppeteer who pulls the strings, the one who makes things happen. The main duty of the wedding emcee is ensuring the wedding reception flows.

As the wedding mc you will be responsible for introducing the speakers, leading the applause for each speaker and providing the transition to the next speaker. And throughout the wedding reception you will, as wedding mc, provide the link from one event to the next.

To be a success as a wedding mc, here are some top tips to remember when introducing speakers.

Tip #1: a good introduction is always brief;

Tip #2: make sure you can correctly pronounce the name of each speaker you have to introduce;

Tip #3: know a little about each speaker;

Tip #4: never upstage a speaker; and

Tip #5: remember you are not a stand-up comic. Never tell risque jokes, or mother-in-law jokes or tales about a previous relationship the bride or groom may have had. It's always advisable to ask the bride and groom what type of humor they want.

Generally, a speaker at an event is never sure of the reaction they'll get from their audience. Will it be friendly or hostile? As a wedding mc you have one big advantage. The bridal party and all the guest are all on your side. They are friendly and want, just like you, the wedding reception to be a great party enjoyed by everyone.

Prepare properly for your role as a wedding mc and you'll be fine. And remember, this is a live event and things can and do go wrong. So be prepared for the unexpected to happen too.


Source by Brad Murray