Panasonic has released yet another new and innovative television, which means it's time for a review of the Panasonic Viera TXL32S20B. This latest TV from Panasonic was released and at first, appeared to lack the jaw-dropping elegance of its other high-end competitors. What this latest model lacks in looks it makes up for in impressive features. If you don't look closely, you may just miss out on its high array of features that more than make up for its “ordinary” appearance.

The Panasonic TXL32S20 comes equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner which gives the user free HD programming. It's important to note that some new televisions do not have this feature, but the Panasonic Viera TXL32S20B does.

This latest breakthrough in television models was build with a 50Hz video input which in turn, increases the frame count. This allows the television to transfer images using natural frame-to-frame giving the best possible picture. The Panasonic TXL32S20's picture is improved even further using motion focus technology.

Of course VIERA Link is included on the Panasonic Viera TXL32S20B, allowing multiple AV devices to be linked together through its 3 HDMI ports.

As we would expect with Panasonic, the TXL32S20 comes packed with one of the most comfortable and best remote controls in the business. A GUIDE PLUS+ EPG menu system makes for easy, on-screen navigation. This innovative system also includes a search option, making it easy to find the perfect program to watch. The only downside to the EPG is that the menus look a bit plain.

As mentioned above, the appearance of the TXL32S20 is a bit ordinary when compared to other high-end televisions. The ordinary appearance will cause many people to miss out on a great television, don't let that person be you. What it lacks in outward appearance, the Panasonic TXL32S20 makes up for in impressive features.

Although this latest release includes three HDMI ports and VIERA Link, it does not include USB ports. Due to this fact, the TXL32S20B in not capable of digital media playback. Another odd fact is that although this television comes equipped with an Ethernet port on the back, it does not include Viera Cast and therefore doesn't support media streaming from a PC.

Don't let that bring you down though because the Panasonic TXL32S20 makes up for its inability to stream by utilizing a SD slot into its huge arsenal. This makes up for it's the lack of USB ports.

This innovative television also includes a Game Mode, which displays an impressive refresh rate for Xbox and PS consoles.

So now that we have a review of the Panasonic Viera TXL32S20B, the question is should you go out and get your own? This latest release does have a few downsides; however, they are all minor and for the most part include the color schemes of the menus. But the awesome features easily make up for this, making it well worth the money to go out and buy it.


Source by Francisco Patel