The firewalls are the network security devices that keep the networked computer safe and secure. As an analogy, one need to understand that all the computer systems, workstations, servers to mention a few which gets into the part of the network system needs the ultimate protection from the notable threats such as virus and malware.

The firewall network brings about the total protection to the range of BYOD devices such as the smartphones which gets connected to the wireless network system being connected by the wireless routers.

Types of firewall network security

Primarily, the firewall network security protects the organization's network system from the possible intrusions in both the ways:

  • The external
  • The internal

Both the external and internal protection systems are required for the organizations which come under the category of small, medium and large enterprises.

Types of firewalls that exist across the industry:

Firewalls based on the destination IP address

There are few firewalls in the market that identifies the destination IP address.

Anecdote: IP addresses or the internet protocol (IP) are the unique numbers in the internet which are used to define numerical label assigned to a device connected in the network which predominantly uses the internet protocol for communication.

  • The firewalls based on the destination IP addresses can trace out the source destination of certain data packets which enters the premise network.
  • One needs to understand that, the filtering based on source or the destination IP address is quite useful in making us understand the authenticity of the data packet.
  • If the destination IP addresses does display a malicious source then it would be quite viable to discard such data packets to further pass through the network.

Firewalls based on application layer firewall filtering

Application layer firewall filtering

The application layer of networking architecture deals with user interfaces such as the usage of email, remote file access and transfer shared database management.

The application layer firewall is the most pivotal component for filtering as this could protect the hosted database with any sort intrusions.

The application layer firewall is also termed as the host-based firewalls as they tend to block the web content which might contain the traces of infections in the data packets.

Anecdote: The finest quality of a firewall is attributed to the capability and the ability in them to diagnose and persistently monitor the data packet contents. However, these firewalls have often been used in the businesses which generally accommodate itself with a sensitive data.

Intrusion detection System firewall

The intrusion detection system or the IDS has been considered as the advanced firewall feature which has got the imminent capability which other conventional firewalls such as the ICD or the internet connection firewall) could even fail.

The modus operandi of IDS firewall is that;

It can identify the threat which has intruded in the network and then generate the requisite alarm to the operational staff and makes them vigil about the possible danger.

It goes a step further in terms of terminating the network connection with immediate effect.

Firewall solutions for small businesses

Security is always the primary concern for a lot of small businesses, the majority of small and medium businesses' comprise of either the router or the firewall which are the primary devices for firewall solutions which are enforced in the premises to protect and secure the network.

With the emergence of intrusion prevention systems or the IPS, certain additional features such as web-filtering have become the core component which fits into most of the small sized businesses.

Source by Sadanand Kasukurthi