When purchasing toner for the HP Color LaserJet CM2320, most people do not realize that there are several options available to them aside from the usual authentic or OEM variants. Expectedly though, with each of these options, comes certain advantages and disadvantages that a wise buyer should always take into account. For some, authentic HP toner might be the best choice, while for others a compatible cartridge would suffice. Thus, in order to make one's next HP CM2320 toner purchase as satisfying as possible, it is essential to learn more about the differences between original, refurbished, and compatible cartridges.

Original cartridges, otherwise known as OEM and authentic products, always have a distinct edge over other types of cartridges in terms of quality. Hence, those planning to print hundreds of documents continuously, requiring uniform top-notch quality for both monochrome and colored prints, should always pick authentic toner cartridges. However, despite these advantages of choosing an authentic cartridge, price is a potential concern as one HP CM2320 toner costs more than a hundred dollars. Without a doubt, those who use their laser printers for business purposes would soon realize that authentic cartridges may not be the most cost-effective choice.

Refurbished or re-manufactured printer cartridges are significantly cheaper than authentic ones. As its name implies, refurbished cartridges are mainly derived from spent original cartridges. Instead of throwing away the container entirely, a company that specializes in the re-manufacturing process cleans up the cartridge and once again fills it up with ink. Unlike authentic cartridges though, print quality may vary among various brands of re-manufactured cartridges. Thus, those planning to use re-manufactured cartridges, should try out several toner brands from time to time, in order to determine which one really provides an excellent balance between price and quality.

Compatible toner cartridges often cost even less than refurbished cartridges. In fact, a compatible HP CM2320 toner often costs less than 40 dollars. With such a tempting price, is there any reason not to purchase compatible cartridges? Clearly, compatible cartridges would never provide the same print quality as authentic cartridges. For monochrome prints though, differences are barely noticeable. Upon producing colored high-resolution prints, the inferior quality of compatible cartridges becomes apparent. It is also important to note that contrary to its name, compatible cartridges are more prone to incompatibility issues than authentic and refurbished cartridges.

All in all, those planning to purchase a toner cartridge for their CM2320 LaserJet printer should consider four essential aspects: convenience, frequency of use, demand for quality, and budget constraints. Individuals who prioritize quality and convenience would be pleased in choosing authentic products. Consumers with a tight budget as well as businesses that need to minimize operating costs might find refurbished cartridges as better alternatives. Individuals who just use their laser printers for large amounts of monochrome prints without much regard for quality would surely appreciate the unbeatable price of compatible toner cartridges. Regardless of one's printing goals, there is always an ideal choice among toner types.

Source by Charles A Miner