In past decades, most of the people employed security personals for their safety measures. Of them, many were rich and wealthy. The people who belonged to middle class were left alone without any security measures. Also at that period, most of the people were living in a joint family. Years rolled on, and most of the families are nuclear now-a-days. This factor increases the risk of security.

So the security systems become inevitable in our day to day life. The security systems provide us with complete security. Wherever you go, the worry about the safety and security of your home vanishes. The security systems just remove your stress.

There are many security systems available in the market, CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, access control securities, door sensors and so on.

The burglar alarm systems are mostly used in huge organizations and banks. Home alarm system is used entirely for the home security purpose. The purpose of using these devices is if a burglar breaks into the house, it makes an alarm to intimate everyone outside the home.

A video surveillance camera consists of security cameras like hidden cameras, which are employed in supermarkets, big shopping centers and large business places. With the help of these camera each and everyone entering and leaving the building can be clearly viewed from some other room.

Infra red sensors work well in the darkness, hence any disturbance produced or some movements produced in any of the rooms will be sensed by these sensors and they alert everyone with an alarm.

Finally, access controls are used while locking the door. Once the sensors are activated, they will sense any movement or disturbance produced in the doors or windows. Soon a burglary or robbery attempted may be stopped, as they hear an alarm if something is sensed.

Source by Anand Sharath