We recently started to look at purchasing the Bose Lifestyle V10 home theater system. We decided to do this because our old system was tired and to be honest, really lacking in quality on every level. Since we purchased our new Bose Lifestyle V10 home theater system we have been telling friends and family about how great it is and I thought I may share some of the love with you!

One of the best things that I have found out about the Bose Lifestyle V10 home theater system, is that I have set my alarm for six each morning and I wake up to the music I want being pumped out of our system! It's an alarm clock too. But, it would be an expensive alarm clock if that was all it did, so I have listed the other features of the Bose Lifestyle V10 home theater system, below.

  • Ability to pre-set up to forty stations
  • AM/FM radio tuner capabilities
  • Progressive scanning
  • Either digital or analog sound choices
  • Uses HDMI/HDMI scaling
  • Sound calibration is automatic
  • You can connect it to your DVD payer, cable box,satellite system, VCR,TV,and even your laptop or computer
  • Black funky speakers DTS decoder, Dolby Digital Decoder and Videostage Decoder surround sound
  • Direct and reflective tweeters
  • Sub woofer Remote control
  • Antennas Microphone capabilities
  • Headphone connections for AV in, AV out, HDMI in and HDMI out, Optical in,s-video in and s-video out
  • Video audio and speaker cabling kits.

I was so excited about getting my Bose Lifestyle V10 home theater system. I was certain that what we were getting was a top quality product because I know that BOSE are a reputable brand. With the surround sound capabilities we feel like we are actually at the game when we watch our favorite sports channels. We spend more family time enjoying documentaries now than ever before because the enjoyment quality and performance of the Bose Lifestyle V10 home theater system is sure hard to beat.


Source by Bobby Miller