The game Hearthstone relies on the in-game resource of gold for players to participate in arena runs and buy card packs-and for beginners, the first way one earns that is completing the basic quests, such as beating all of the AI heroes, which will then unlock the expert AI for your defeat and win more gold. Finishing these tasks will yield you 100 gold per task completed, so hold on to that for the next modes of increasing your gold supply.

There are two primary ways to earn gold in Hearthstone-arena runs and quests. An arena run is trickier, because you'll be shelling out an extra 50 gold in order to get a chance at higher rewards, such as additional dust for crafting cards, or for individual card packs. However, one will eventually be able to recoup the extra payout overtime by accumulating arena victories, so be patient, develop your deck and choose arena runs over trading your precious 100 gold for that single card pack.

The second way, and probably the one that yields the biggest returns, is through pursuing daily quests and one-time quests. Once a beginning player finishes the two special quests The Duelist and First Blood, daily quests will become available. A player can have up to three uncompleted daily quests accumulated-one can remove unwanted quests from the list by simply choosing to abandon them, which will allow new quests to accumulate again in the empty slot. Your quests cannot accumulate beyond three.

Daily quests are repeatable, meaning there's a possibility that out of your three accumulated quests, two or even all of them are exactly the same in their objective-they also yield a reward of 40, 60 or 100 gold. They usually consist of defeating a number of opponents with specific classes, so the game is essentially rewarding you for developing your gameplay across the board. This will become your steadiest source of gold.

The unique quests, on the other hand, are one-time, difficult challenges that are hidden to a player, are region-specific and often will only have their nature as well as the reward you will receive revealed only upon completion of the quest. These unique quests focus on victory accumulation, such as Chicken Dinner (requires you to win 100 games in any mode), or card collection, such as Got the Basics! (requires you to collect all the basic set cards). Unique quests also yield card packs and even golden individual cards, so you can use these rewards as a way to boost your deck, and save your gold for those arena runs.

These are the basic ways any player can earn gold in the game. As you increase your gaming frequency and adjust your strategies to get the most wins you can, you'll see your gold increase in no time!


Source by Hwang CY