One thing is absolutely certain: for the money this Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is one hell of a player, and if you want something better you will have to pay much much more. Build quality (at least from feel and weight) is excellent. The player's remote is excellent for the price and operationally the player is perfect. Cambridge Audio Azur 640C appears more than capable of holding its own against other amplifiers in this arena and could probably show amps costing? 100 more a thing or two about the subtleties of musical entertainment. So, a superb player, particularly for the presented price. Strengths of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C:Extraordinarily refined and smooth sound, Natural Tone, Great radio control, Midrange.

The details the Cambridge 640C prefers to increase are also rather masking others that it likes less. However I do need to be fair at that point. All these pros are truly only found in players costing at least many times more than that one. And I was judging Cambridge Audio Azur 640C in a context with an amplifier costing more that 3 times what the Cambridge 640 C costs, and speakers that are far more than seven times more expensive. Usually it essentially did great, indeed holding its own in these hard circumstances, sounding fairly convincing almost all the time and rather good some of the time. I was prepared to hear Cambridge Audio Azur 640C for hours without real fatigue or annoyance and it passed all my test tracks without showing major problems.

The rationale why I went into so much detail explaining Cambridge 640C's abilities is to permit you to get a clear image of its innovative concept, and also because I would like to take this device seriously. This Cambridge Audio Azur 640C player is setting new standards in its price class and may be reviewed without taking its nice price into account. even though the result was fully open and engaging it didn't induce high-level or extended listening and you'd be better off sticking with speakers offering less complex loads. Look for sensitivity of 90dB or higher and avoid anything with a 4-ohm impedance

The Main strengths of the player are its vivacity, its fast and lively mids and treble and its ability to reproduce complicated and dense recordings without falling apart. With heavy jazz renderings Cambridge Audio Azur 640C has lots of instrumental energy in a steady and interesting condcut. Ambient dance grooves exhibit its inspiring bass kick and capacity to trace energy increase rather effectively, the sound pulling you in and engaging your attention. I also gave the amp a spin on a harder pair of speakers, the fantastic ATC SCM36s simply to discover how far its 70 watts could go.

I need to preface this review by saying I have the Cambridge Audio Azur 640C v.2. Getting down to the nuts and bolts this is a fantastic CD player. Good CDs will sound better than ever which is a satisfactory goal.
So far I'd say the classical music in my collection has shown the best results in display with Cambridge Audio Azur 640C. Bad low budget jazz stuff still suffers. Well-liked music like Lyle Lovett sounds surprisingly good.

The final analysis of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is that this player, great as it is with its awfully pure and smooth sound, great Natural Tone, wonderful radio control and Midrange, still has a personality and clour of its own, enough to softly blend with the full atmosphere of any recording. The Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V.2 is a very good player for the price.

Source by Noel D Guzman