If you are a car enthusiast, most probably you have upgraded your cars sound system. One of the most important elements of a complete car audio system is amplifiers. Car amplifiers convert the power accessible from the car's electrical system into power sent to the woofers. So, if you are looking to power-up your new speakers, you will need to get an amp. With the increased number of manufacturers, it becomes really challenging to find or compare amplifiers to purchase the one that fits your needs and budget. Luckily, the car audio industry, along with the Consumer Electronics Association, has articulated a need to set a standard that will assist consumers in choosing the right amplifier easily and effectively.

CEA-2006 is a standard that allows the consumer to evaluate important parameters on a fair basis. The main two amplifier characteristics they focus on are the Output Power (RMS) and Signal-to-Noise Ratio. These characteristics were chosen because they indicate how well the amplifier performs.

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer follows the CEA standards. It's your responsibility to look for amplifiers that comply with this standard. To make it easier for consumers to know CEA compliant companies, a logo has been creating which can be found on the manufacturer product packages. Only manufacturers that follow the specification established by the CEA-2006 have the right to show this logo.

If you are looking for a CEA-2006 complaint amps, most probably you need to look for manufacturers such as Hifonics, Boston Acoustics and Alpine. For example, if you are interested in purchasing a Monoblock amp that can deliver clear sound, you can check out the Eclipse XA1200. This CEA-2006 compliant amplifier was designed to be reliable and takes less power compare to the other manufacturers. If you own a boat, you can pimp it out with the Alpine Marine PDX-1.600M amplifier. This powerful amp uses a technology that minimizes internal noise and avoids ground interference.

Whether you know a lot about car audio or you are still learning about it, you can find an amplifier that can fit your budget and needs very effectively. The CEA-2006 standards have helped consumers to find amplifiers with true and accurate ratings effectively. Anyone can easily tell if the product is CEA-2006 compliant by checking out their logo on the package. Never pay extra money on amplifiers that won't perform as expected.

Source by John Haz