Play Station Portable or a PSP, as it is commonly called, is an evolution from one of the most trusted electronic brands in the industry, Sony. It is a handheld game console which is extremely portable and packed with high entertainment quotient, anytime, anywhere. The first PSP was released and unveiled by the company in the year 2004 while the latest version of it is the seventh generation PSP-E1000 which is the subject of our discussion in this article.

Just as a briefing, a Play Station Portable is the only handheld gaming device which operates on an optical disc format, the Universal Media Disc, as its primary medium for storage of data. It consists of a large viewing screen, robust multimedia capabilities and easy connectivity with the internet, PSP-2, PSP-3 and other PSP's as well.

Coming to PSP-E 1000, if you wish to experience unlimited gaming fun without bursting your pocket, then the all new PSP E-1000 is the perfect and ultimate choice for you. You can enjoy heaps of fun-packed games and activities both from real and virtual environments on-screen with augmented reality games. Other than this, you can even enjoy music, video and photo content saved and stored on Memory Stick Duo with PSP-E 1000.

The PSP E-1000 has an LCD screen of 4.3″ which is fully transparent in TFT drive and which supports and displays approximately 16,770,000 colors. It functions on Read-only Universal Media Disc Drive and its power source is an AC Adaptor of DC 5.0 V which consists of lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs. Its external dimensions measure approx. 172.4 × 73.4 × 21.6 mm (width × height × depth) while it weighs only 223 gm including its battery pack.

You can further expand your game collection on this handy instrument by loading it with PSP Essentials which offers great games at throwaway prices. Irrespective of your choice and specification, there is something in store for every age group. Some of its latest inclusions are the EyePet Adventures, Invizimals: The Lost Tribes, White Knight Chronicles, Disney-Pixar Cars and so on.

What works best in favor of this wonder packed gaming console is its extraordinary price which makes it highly popular and universally accepted. This new generation model is readily available at the most competitive and affordable price of just £89.0, unlike any other Sony Play Station Portable floating in the market.

Look wise, this model of PSP-E1000 consists of glossy d-pad and buttons set against an outer casing of charcoal black. The instrument looks more consistent, refined and less bulky than the earlier models which makes it easy to hold in your palms for hours at a stretch. Talking about battery life, the unit promises a battery life of approximately 6 hours at a stretch, before having to be re-charged again.


Source by Jelly Devon