Many who try to meditate give up after a couple of tries. They may not have achieved the meditative state or they are expecting immediate results, Anything requires practice that's why the people who says meditation is hard simply cannot reap the benefits that meditation can give.

Failure to achieve the meditative state may be caused by an inability to stay focused long enough. Maintaining a point of focus such as staring at a candle light, concentrating on your breath, thinking of only one thing such as an image of an apple or listening to brainwave entrainment tones such as isochronic tones and binaural beats.

Some people just can't visualize something clearly that's why thinking of an apple or any object just won't work for them. They should try other means such as listening to isochronic tones or relaxation music.

Once you have experienced the meditative state, keep exercising it because it will become easier and easier.Just like shooting a ball to the basketball ring, you may not hit the mark the first time but the more you practice, the easier it will get to hitting the mark.

One important thing that happens to your brain when you exercise meditation regularly is that the communication between your left and right hemispheres become easier. The left and right brain have different functions and capabilities that's why its good to nurture the pathways between them.

Every time you meditate, neural pathways are created or developed at the corpus callosum which connects the two brains. The more you meditate, the more permanent these pathways will be. Stop meditating and these pathways fade away.

Notice the path made in a grassy area. The more people walk across it, the more distinct and noticeable the path is. If nobody is walking across the path, it seems to fade because grass will grow on it.
A good communication between the two hemispheres can greatly help you in your daily tasks as the logical and creative mind can have an open communication

Exercise the type of meditation that suits you regularly and you'll experience a more creative, abundance and prosperous life.

Source by Jess Baad