So you have heard of the extraordinary Xbox 360 Slim and its exceptional reviews and a good price. The new Xbox 360 is here today and NOT gone tomorrow with a brand new look. This game console has a much nicer leaner look in an all new black glossy finish. The Wi-Fi is built-in for easier connection to Xbox LIVE, where you can have access now to HD movies and TV stream in a flash.

The Xbox 360 Also features mass amounts of video games that you can rent from your local blockbuster. You will have access to tons of HD quality movies! You will also have to feature to store more games, movies and music with up to 260GB of Hard Drive space. Will you use all this? Probably not, but it's there for you to control.

The super quiet machine features a sleek slim new design plus the matching controllers and headsets. The controller-free Kinect is ready for your enjoyment.

The Xbox 360 gives you the ultimate gaming experience and in addition to that, you will get an exceptional top of the line entertainment experience for a good price or at no cost if you do your searching right! Search “free game consoles” online and you will see exactly what I'm talking about.

So let's make the list!

-Xbox 360 has tons of video games

-Nice selection of HD movies

-Controller-free fun for everyone's enjoyment.

-Built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to Xbox LIVE.

-250 GB HD Space – Tons more storage for games, movies and music.

-Quiet and slick looking design

-Matching controllers and headset.

-Ultimate Gaming Experience!

-Available in retail stores for less

-Available online for free.

I hope this review was helpful and informative. I will most likely get the Xbox 360 but I won't be paying a cost for it for any other electronics. I will be getting this free game console from a free website as I do with most other free electronics. I suggest you do the same with the Xbox 360.

Anyways, to decide what free game console you should get, you should always look at the games it offers. Depending on the types of games you like, choose the console that specializes in that genre. You also have the nice PlayStation 3 and the family fun Nintendo Wii.

Source by Michael J Giorgianni