The Nokia 6300 is one of the most stylish around. With its metallic and black finished and a well thought out handset, the 6300 is an extremely smart phone. With a great blend of functionality and usability, this handset follows the Nokia line by attracting all sorts of users from the beginner with his or her first phone to the most advanced user that explores all of the features on a regular basis.

This Nokia handset is actually a great example of just why Nokia is one of the best mobile phone designers and manufacturers around today. It has it all, from the look right down to the features. The screen dominates the handset, taking up around two thirds of the phone, including the navigations buttons, which are well spaced, even if the keypad itself underneath is slightly on the small side.

As such, the 6300 is a good phone for leisure purposes. It has excellent connectivity with stereo Bluetooth and a USB port, along with an XHTML web browser and WAP. The music player is an excellent feature of the 6300. The sound quality is great regardless of whether you happen to be playing your favorite tunes out loud or through headphones, and it does not lose that quality when the volume is cranked up.

Although the images are of an extremely high quality and are shown on the brilliant screen in great detail and in 16.7 million colours, the lack of auto focus does mean a few images may turn out to be rather hazy. There is a Micro SD slot so it is easy to expand the memory to 1GB or 2GB so that the consumers do not have to depend on the meager 7.8 MB of internal memory.

Source by Faith Hill