When you get this book, you will discover your powerful feelings as a woman and learn how to use it to get the relationship that you deserve.

And this book was written by Rori Gwynne… based on her professional and personal experience. You see, not only is Rori an author, she is also a relationship coach, crisis counselor, actress, director, stage producer, mother, published author, seminar leader, public speaker, and wife of a successful executive coach.


And not only that… twenty years ago… her own relationship was spiraling out of control. And Rori was able to change that conflict-ridden and fading relationship into a vibrant and totally satisfying marriage relationship it is today…

And she tells you how she did it in her book, Have the Relationship You Want.” In short, Rori walks the way she talks. Because quite frankly, I really don't like authors who claim to be an expert at something based on academic studies and “lecture” or “talk down to you.”

Well, you don't have to worry about that in this book. In fact, Rori discovered the methods that turned around her marriage… in 2 weeks! And yes, Rori was absolutely shocked how well it worked out.

But the thing of it is this… her husband is the same man but seems to be completely changed. How can this be?

As Rori says, men tend to do what they want… Rori tells you how to use the knowledge of what a man really wants and use that to your advantage to get them to do what YOU want… a totally satisfying and mutually-fulfilling relationship!

Source by John Garret