It is really great to be able to play so many games online for free. For years, Flash has been the engine that was used for streaming games from the internet to play on your computer. This was the technology that made is easy to play numerous games online.

Early Gaming

But as time moved on the technology became more advanced and did not consume all our resources but it still needed a really powerful computer to play. But every year computers became more powerful and were able to provide the resources needed to play games online.

Still Lacking

Still that really wasn't good enough for real gamers who wanted better quality even when the games were free. Until this time free games were limited to only 2 dimensional worlds or 3 dimensional worlds that did even come close to the real graphic capability of games that you could buy.

Unity Engine

Then Unity Games developed a new engine that brought free gaming into the world of 3 dimensional graphics like never before. The new Unity engine quickly replaced the tasks that once were handled by flash.

Very Addicting

Now there are all types of games for free — from car chases to shooting games and some of these games are totally addicting. You can either download the games to your computer or play online. Either way, the graphics and excitement of these games are tremendous and most are very innovative. They are much better than the games of 3D of years ago.

Might Cause Problems

But rumors has it that these games are so addicting marriages have broken up due to the husband playing games every night and all the time on the weekends.

Helpful Advice

So here is advice for those who are not yet addicted. First, don't make game playing the first thing you do when you get home from work. Spend time with your wife and any kids that you might have. The entire family should set down and eat dinner together.

Putting all the kids in bed and reading to them should be something that dad does while mom is taking care of the kitchen.

Now here is the hard part – limit the time you play games. Only play for a couple of hours and don't play every night. This is the time when you need to control the demons in your head that whisper “it's OK to play longer.” Do not listen!

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi