The influx of Hollywood spy movies definitely sparks one's attention and interest. From invisible ink pens, button spy cams, key loggers, jammers, GPS tracking devices, night vision goggles and other sort covert spy gadgets. These spy devices or gears are not only for real secret agents as one can buy these cool stuffs and use it for their own personal spy adventure. That being said, be forewarned, some of these gears might be illegal or unlawful to the country or state you are now and as such, it is necessary to check with your local bylaws to know if it is legal to own and use these devices.

Sound Amplifier

One of the essential gadgets that every respectable agent needs to have is a sound amplifier. Sound amplifier allows one to hear any conversation clearly around them and as far away as 20 feet depending on the amplifier's features. One of the popular amplifier is the Bionic Ear Amplifier by Motokata which includes an earphone making it easier to distinctly hear the conversation.

Spy Cam

Spy cams are a staple among spies as it allows them to view and record any activities during the mission. A popular one is a button camera which comes with real buttons so that one can replace all the buttons in the shirt without having problems with mismatched ones. Spy cams can also come in variety of objects such as a tie's clip, a key ring or even as a pen. Another would be sunglasses that look like the ordinary glass type but are rigged to record everything that the person is wearing. These glasses can record and store up to 5 hours of video recording such as Ajoka's sunglasses DVR cam.

License Plate Flipper

If you are a fan of James Bond then you know that having a flashy car with all the trimmings are important in making the mission a success. Aside from the secret compartments, another useful add-on are license plate flippers which hides the car's real plate number. This is particularly useful for celebrities who wanted to hide away from paparazzi or simply to lose their tail. More often than not, this gear is remote-controlled so one can hide their plate number automatically.

GPS Trackers/Bugs

Although bugs or tracking devices are old schools, they are staples in the business considering how successful they are. Bugs are small enough that it is unnoticeable but effective enough to capture any conversations in the room. GPS trackers are also effective as it provides the vehicle's whereabouts without having to chase the car and risk high-speed accidents in the process. Examples of GPRS trackers includes the StarChase and the Mini GPS Logger.


Source by Patrick Laurence