BloodRayne is seductively different from other games. The character of this game, Rayne, has been dressed very provocatively and has a body that would turn heads, but that is not what makes this game special. Many games have women that wear revealing clothing. What gives this character and this game a more sexual feel is that she is part vampire. Vampires have often been portrayed in a sexual light due to the intimacy shared between the vampire and the victim during feeding. This game incorporates a sexually charged female character as the heroine and gives it a sort of horror movie feel with all of the creatures that Rayne has to fight. Any woman who can kick butt while wearing next to nothing makes a great video game character.

BoodRayne is about a sexy half-human half-vampire who is working to rid the world of supernatural activity caused by black magic. She was recruited by and takes orders from a secret agency. Throughout the game Agent Rayne makes contact with this agency to update them on her progress and to receive new orders. Since Agent Rayne is only a half-vampire she does not share all the same weaknesses that full vampires do, however she still must be careful around water and sunlight. This is especially tricky in the first part of the game that is set in the Louisiana swamps.

Agent Rayne is sent to the Louisiana swamps in the 1930's to kill Zombies and giant-spiders. Her goal is to rid the swamp of all the giant-spider's nests so that there will be no more reproduction of this abomination. This part of the game drags a little bit, but if you can just hang in there the action picks up in the next area that she is sent to.

Five years after the Louisiana mission is finished Agent Rayne receives new orders from the agency to take out the Nazis because of the work that they are doing with black magic. Her goal is to find the laboratory where these experiments are taking place and to put a stop to it. This area is a lot of fun to play because Agent Rayne runs into some really creepy monsters.

Agent Rayne gains many abilities as the game progresses which adds a lot of flavor to the gameplay. She can see enemies through walls and is guided by a red light to her targets. This helps with navigation through tricky areas that are easy to get lost in. Agent Rayne can also move super fast in order to dodge bullets that are coming at her. This move works great when there are a dozen enemies shooting at you all at once. Then there is the blood rage that increases while she is kicking butt. This bar will fill up so that you can use your supper attack that increases the amount of damage that she inflicts on the enemy.

Personally, my favorite part of the game is that Agent Rayne can feed off of any of her enemies; when she feeds her life increases and the life of the enemy decreases. Jumping on an enemy and feeding when there is a lot of gunfir works great because you can use the person as a shield from the bullets. While agent Rayne is feeding she makes very sexy moaning noises that let you know just how much she is enjoying it.

Agent Rayne comes equipped with knives and swords to kill the enemies; the attacks with these swords can be really grisly. She can slash her victim to death, decapitate them, or even impel them; all are equally bloody. The blood splatters all over the walls, all over the floors, basically everywhere and they remain there even after you leave the area which helps you to know whether you have already been to that area. Agent Rayne can also pick up stray guns. These are very easy to use since all you have to do is lock on and shoot. The guns come in handy when you are sorely outnumbered.

The graphics are decent; each one of the new areas that she goes in are equally interesting and look very realistic. The camera on the other hand can get stuck sometimes and usually the only way to fix it is to reset the game. The player can interact with almost anything in the game, for instance a desk can be smashed, items knocked over, and curtains can be torn which makes a very realistic tearing sound.

This game is quite long, but on the up-side the game is relatively easy so flying through it should be a breeze. One thing to keep in mind is that it starts out rather slow and boring, but the farther into the game you get the more interesting it becomes. I would recommend giving it a try if you have the time to devote to playing it.

Source by Miranda Stites