Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman MP3 Player has an intuitive design, cleverly built-in earphones, all in one unit that fits the earphones. It has a couple of rectangular headphones which is rounded at the end. Both the ends are attached with the flexible bands. The weight of the player is only 43 grams. It is very light weight and also very comfortable it can be carried easily. The design of Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman MP3 Player is the same as compared with other walkman. It comes in multiple colours. It has the portability factor which means you can take off the headphones and hang around the neck without any problem. Sony has a plastic case which can hold both the ends together. There is a volume key, function key, the jog lever and the USB port is no longer open and it is covered with the rubber flap on the right side while on the left side it has a button to activate the shuffle playback or play from a play list. The speakers are not completely covered. It also has an in-ear headphone which helps in cutting the noise in everyday environment.

Ear piece of Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman is water-resistant. It has a zappin feature where a small part of song is been played, which helps to play the song quickly. Jog lever should be pressed for 3 seconds to get the song which is been searched. Press it again and the song starts. Swiping it clockwise will select the next song and swiping it anticlockwise will go to the previous song. It also has the content transfer software to enable the users to transfer the songs and playlist straight from the PC. Song transferring is very easy you have to drag and drop the song in the favourite tracks. The best part is when you have to listen or talk to someone you can easily take out one or both the earpiece and rest them around your ears. The sound quality is good. There is a perfect result in the deep bass response.

Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman has a good design and it is handy and unique. The audio quality is fantastic and it is also water-resistant. One of the negative parts is the size of the ear piece. It has durability and the quality is excellent.

Source by Victor Thomas