Radiator coolant is vital during hot weather because it prevents your car from overheating. The coolant increases the boiling point for the water in your cooling system, while drawing heat away from vulnerable engine parts. But do you know why anti-freeze is equally as important in cold weather? Because it prevents the same water in your car's system from freezing up and destroying portions of your car. Did you know that anti-freeze is still important in the cold weather to prevent over heating, no matter how cold it gets?

In the coldest weather, anti-freeze is important to prevent the evaporation of vital fluids. Water evaporates rapidly, whereas anti-freeze does not. The lubricating properties of anti-freeze are also very important to remember. The hoses and other important parts of your vehicle need to stay protected too. Cold weather is brutal on your car and all of its moving parts, including the passengers.

This is perhaps one of the most crucial uses of anti-freeze, to keep the heat in your vehicle running. Without this precious green liquid in your car's system, you won't have any heat to stay warm when temperatures are frosty. Many people aren't aware of this fact, and they think that when their heat stops working that they have a mechanical problem of some sort. They fear radiator leaks, heater core failures, a thermostat being either stuck open or closed, and all of the other possible things that can go wrong that causes a car's heater to stop working. The truth is, what many don't know, is that being low on anti-freeze can cause your heat to stop working.

When cars are in extreme cold weather, it is sometimes necessary to start them every few hours in order to keep them from freezing up entirely, even with anti-freeze in the system. In areas of the country and the world where temperatures are well below zero for extended periods of time, engine block heaters or frequent restarting of the engine can be required in order to prevent catastrophic failure.

Starting a car in frigid temperatures can be quite punishing. Fluids that have been lying dormant in the system have to instantly be called to life and circulate quickly throughout the system. Anti-freeze is among the most important throughout this system, along with the lubricating fluids; oil, transmission, and brake. Your car has to instantly start circulating the fluid so it will keep itself cool and keep you warm. It's no surprise then, that car mechanics and car makers agree that keeping your anti-freeze at the proper levels is of paramount importance at any time of the year; especially in extreme heat and extreme cold.


Source by Bond Mejeh