If you operate a small business, price will almost certainly be a factor when purchasing new computer software. Although it should not be the only thing you take into account, there's nothing wrong with coming up with creative ways to save money on business software.

The majority of companies (even small ones) use more than one computer for commercial purposes, meaning that they will have to purchase more than one software license. Most major software providers, including Microsoft, offer some kind of open licensing program, which allows buyers to obtain volume discounts when purchasing applications for several different computers.

Aside from cost, another advantage of open licensing is that you won't have to deal with multiple sets of disks and software boxes. You are provided with a master set of disks, which can be loaded onto the number of computers that the license specifies.

Another point to consider in your quest to save on software is technical support. Try to purchase applications from a vendor that offers favorable support terms, including free installation assistance support for the first few months. Once this support period expires, it's a good idea to encourage your employees to find numerous sources of tech support, rather than immediately calling the vendor. Internet newsgroups and forums, for example, can be highly beneficial and a great place for your employees to learn.

Source by Jeremy Maddock