Dealers Pay for the priceless information found at Galves.com. Even cash-for-car businesses use Galves.com for their business needs. Galves provides a dependable and accurate guide for car values. Dealers all over need a guide they can really depend on for vehicle market values.

If a stated car value is too high, dealers can lose an opportunity to make dollars. If the car value is too low, the dealership can lose money. Dealers cannot afford either of these situations and Galves understands this well and continues to be a valued resource for car dealerships. In fact, Galves.com was created in direct response to the demand from dealers.

Dealers are willing to pay for this level of accuracy and quality rather than using free pricing services found on different sites throughout the internet. When it comes to buying, selling or trading cars to other dealers, Galves.com subscribers know that figures listed on the site are reliable and realistic, especially when compared to the Kelley Blue Book. Since retail values are based on the more reliable wholesale value, Galves' approach to pricing is essentially the providing of, not multiple, but single wholesale values for each car or light truck. Dealers use this value as the starting point in determining the vehicle's worth.

Consumers can benefit greatly from dealers that use the Galves wholesale price listings approach. It can lead to a very successful negotiation. Galves also offers a full 100% money back guarantee to its subscribers, which only adds to their credibility.

Many cash for car dealers make use of Galves.com before going to auctions or processing trade-ins. It results in a successful negotiation and transaction for all parties. Though the Kelley Blue book does provide valuable information, in this tough economy one cannot afford to lose money. Galves.com functions on that principle and has been invaluable to car dealers and consumers alike.


Source by Bond Mejeh