# Misunderstanding of McAfee – some people think it is hard to configure McAfee, while others think it is easy to do that. Actually, many people don't know McAfee has two versions. They are the enterprise version and home version. The former one is more complicated than the later one, even though the enterprise version can provide better protection than home version. If you are an advanced PC user, it is recommended to use enterprise version. And if you are a computer newbie, the home version is suitable for you.

# Misunderstanding of Nod32 & Norton – some users think Nod32 is Norton antivirus software. In fact, Norton antivirus software is produced by Symantec company while Nod32 is a product belong to ESET company.

# Misunderstanding of Kaspersky – some users believe that Kaspersky antivirus software will take up much PC resources. In fact, it is because they open unnecessary scan services and modules during the setup procedure of Kaspersky. However, if they can configure Kaspersky properly, Kaspersky won't take up much PC resource. For example, if they seldom use Kaspersk's E-mail protection, anti-spam for Email, Parental Controls, Scan at startup and functions like that, they can disable those functions.

# When your PC is infected, you may think formatting the PC can help you to get rid of the virus. In fact, this method doesn't work always. When your PC is infected by some kinds of viruses which can enter into hard disk and BIOS, formatting PC won't help.

# Some people can't distinguish the difference between HIPS firewall and NIPS firewall. The former one is firewall for protecting system safety and the later one is for protecting network safety.

In fact, all antivirus software are pre-defined solutions to viruses and there should be some latest viruses that are too new to antivirus software's pre-definition. If your antivirus software can't remove viruses for you or your antivirus software is disabled/blocked by the viruses, you may need to know how to remove virus, trojans automatically and then manually find out and delete malicious program files, processes,.dll files and registry entries with random name created by the viruses. If you are lack of experience, you may need to find someone else to help you clean out the stubborn viruses completely.

Source by James L. Mosley