For instance, Rolls Royce Phantoms start at $340,000 and can approach up to $500,000. Rolls Royce sold 1000 cars in 2007. Rolls Royce cheapest car cost $340,000 but they still managed to sell 1000 of them. The SLR and the Maybach are the only cars Benz makes even remotely in Rolls price range. Yet even with combined sales they don't even put up a dismal 300 units. Bugatti sells the $1.3 million Veyron Super car has sold 220 units. That is almost as many sales as Maybach and SLR put together. The sad part about that is that the Veyron cost 3 times more then either of those cars. You could buy the most expensive Maybach and the most expensive McLaren SLR and still have money left to buy a Murcielago LP640 for the price of a Veyron, yet Buggati still managed to sell nearly as many units as Mercedes' most prestigious vehicles with a car that cost 3 times as much.

Let's not even throw Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bentley into the hat. Ferrari's start at $280,000 with the F430, Lamborghini starts at $260,000 with the Gallardo, and Bentley starts at $190,000 with the Continental GT. All of those car makers have $1 million cars with the exception of Bentley who makes a half million dollar car. Ferrari sold over 6000 cars is 2007. Lamborghini sold 2400 cars in 2007 and Bentley sold over 10,000 cars in 2007. The 290 cars the Mercedes Benz sold in their uber-luxury category are not even statistically significant in comparison to their competitors. In order for Mercedes to be statistically significant they would have to at least sell 5% of what their competitors do in a similar category. Because Mercedes Benz cannot do that, the cars that they do make which are comparable, are not even worthy of discussion because the buying populous doesn't pay them any mind and they aren't statistically significant.

Source by CJ Carter