Almost all the contemporary features that the mobile phone can support till date can be experience in Sony Ericsson's C702 blue and K850i green.

The similarity between the C702 blue and K850i mobile phones of Sony Ericsson is that both the mobile phones are 3g mobile phones. Both of these gadgets support Internet connectivity, camera, media players etc. However, the K850 Sony Ericsson mobile phone underscores its camera feature.

The users can actualise their imagination relating to still and video photography via Sony Ericsson mobile phones. They just need to be equipped with either the Sony Ericsson K850i or the Sony Ericsson c702 blue. The users can locate the subject with ease with the 2x digital zoom camera of the C702 blue mobile phone. Aided with the auto focus feature this camera helps the users get clear vision of the subject and then finally capture the ultimate photograph. The photo light feature in this camera can be utilised to brighten up the dull environment which ruins the look of the photographs captured. Having captured the photographs the users can adjust the contrast and brightness of the photographs with its photo fix feature. After all, the dedicated keys of this 3.2 mega pixels digital camera make the functioning of this digital camera pleasurable.

The users can also have the reviews of its recorded motion photography with the media player of the Sony Ericssons C702 and entertain even others who would be interested in it. This widget is also equipped with Geo picture tagging feature which helps the users locate where he or she was when the photograph was captured. The collected pictures can also be uploaded to blogs and can be shared with others.

The Internet is the key to the treasure of knowledge and information. This treasure can be carried by the users wherever they move. They just need to own either the Sony Ericsson C702 or the K850 green. The EDGE technology in this widget expedites the transaction of data from this mobile phone to other compatible devices.

The users can enjoy music on the media player of this C702 mobile phone besides video playback. It also has a music download feature which can be utilised to download music. However, this feature depends on the network operator and the location of the user.

With the camera of the sony ericsson k850i the users can take photographs even in dull light as it is loaded with bright xenon flash feature. This feature helps brighten up the photographs. The users can take nine consecutive shots by just pressing the capture button once. This is the Best Pic feature which makes this possible. It captures four photos before the button is pressed, one photo when the button is actually pressed and four photos are finally taken when the button is released. Thus, the users can select and store the select photographs and delete the unwanted. It is also equipped with blur technology that helps the users manage the movements of hands while taking photographs.

Moreover, the K850 mobile phone offers its users online broadband speed Internet access, video calling & video or music streaming. The 3G HSDPA technology renders the users with high data transfer speeds. The maximum speed it delivers is 384 Kbytes per second. As such, the users can enjoy quick access to the treasure of knowledge, the Internet. Even while the users are on a call they can continue downloading music, videos or games on this widget. When fully charged the battery of the Sony Ericsson K850i delivers seven hours long talk time. It is loaded with EDGE technology with which the transfer of data can be three times faster than that of GPRS technology. The Blue tooth technology in it helps make wire less connection with any compatible device. Finally, the users can enjoy easy roaming around the globe with it because of the network it supports.


Source by Adam Jaylin