Concerning “The Lakeland, Florida Revival” I as a licensed Foursquare minister received an email from the President Jack Hayford, a very humble, prayerful, and wise man of God. I attended a weekt the King's College in Van Nuys, CA and was greatly blessed. in the School of Pastoral Nurture with Pastor Jack and his gracious staff a

Far more than a seasoned instructor, Pastor Jack is a spiritual father who is relatable, warm, and accessible. He had all of us within the school that I attended over to us his home for dinner and a time of fellowship in the Lord. His purity and humility precede his wisdom, opening a wide door of utterance for him. Not to mention Pastor Jack has a solid and proven life of character and fruitful ministry that has impacted countless lives throughout the earth.

That being said, some of the wise words concerning the “Lakeland Revival” (which I attended and a friend from New Zealand prophesied before it happened here in Florida), are worthy of noting and earnestly taking heed to lest we be snared by an evil heart of unbelief or an arrogant heart of proud boasting in ourselves. Christ alone is the rock of ages and the Savior of our soul in whom we must trust.

The following was provided by the Foursquare president, Pastor Jack Hayford, as a response to the many inquiries that have been received regarding the “Lakeland Revival.”

Pastor Jack wrote: “…it is far too early to assert anything on any terms. Understandably, the reports of miracle blessing would cause rejoicing in anyone who believes that God does, indeed, work miracles in our time. …it has not been the practice of The Foursquare Church to draw conclusions hastily in such situations. Our own history as a movement is marked by miracle visitations, both in the United States and in many nations around the world where our ministry extends. We have seen pure, wise, and trustworthy leaders scorned by cynics-at times, even scorned by church leaders who oppose miracles in our time on any terms. That is one reason our general response is to be “slow to speak,” as the Bible instructs (James 1:19). It is for that same reason that we tend to position ourselves as Gamaliel did (Acts 5:34-41)-the rabbi whose influence is reported by the Apostle Paul as having shaped his own thinking in significant regards (Acts 22:3).”

My crude summary of such wise instruction and counsel is simply remain humble and prayerful, waiting for all things to be revealed over time. Through prayer and earnest devotion to God and His Word the fruit (or lack thereof) shall speak for itself. Moreover if there be any evil or deception, the Holy Spirit of truth will certainly and swiftly bring it to the light for all to see.

Meanwhile afford every soul and minister God's grace to breathe, believe, and receive from heaven. God's thoughts are above our own and His methods and ways transcend or minuscule methodologies and mental limitations. As Pastor Jack exhorted, let us be available to His Spirit, instructed by His Word, open to His will, and humbly slow to pass judgment on things that are outside our purview. We are not called to answer for any other ministry or its report; our responsibility is to seek to serve our flock, teach our people God's Word and wisdom, and keep ourselves open to to the precious workings of His Spirit.

Let us live in hope, believe for God's best in our day, and counsel our leaders and our people to be filled with the Spirit of God. As Pastor Jack prayed, let us ask the Spirit to give us humility in discernment and to guard our souls from being either gullible, doubt-prone, or resistant to whatever God may seek to do that proves Christ-exalting, Word-verifying, and enduring beyond sensation or mere excitement. With time, whatever is taking place in Lakeland and through activities issuing from its happenings will either verify or discredit the source of the manifestations.

Pastor Jack wisely and as a spiritual father desirous of seeing God's glory revealed in we His people reminds us that we are in an hour of history, both nationally and internationally, that calls us to prayer and fasting. Let us give ourselves to seeking God, and let us give place to His visitation in ways that please His heart, seek His glory, and honor His Son, our Savior, Healer, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and Soon Coming King.


Source by Paul Davis