With its many great features, one of the best features you will find with the Canon Vixia S100 is that it will record your images right onto a memory card. For best results, use a SDHC. These HD and SDHC cards come in different memory sizes, so be sure to know how much recording time your card can handle so you don't run out of memory.

Since this camera can record your video right onto your card, it is easy to remove and download the files to your computer with a card read or other special input device, so you are always sure to have a permanent copy of your images and can edit them easily. The card and card reader make it easy to view your images right awayon your own computer.

Different cards provide you with different recording times, so here is what you need to know:

32GB – MXP = 2 hours; FXP = 4 hours; XP+ = 5 hours; SP = 12 hours

8GB – MXP = 40 minutes; FXP = 1 hour; XP+ = 2 hours; SP = 3 hours

4GB – MXP = 20 minutes; FXP = 30 minutes; XP+ = 40 minutes; SP = 1 hour

2GB – MXP = 10 minutes; FXP = 15 minutes; XP+ = 20 minutes; SP = 35 minutes; LP = 45 minutes

In addition, there are even some larger memory cards than these that provide you with the ability to have more storage capacity for your images and that are also compatible with the Canon Vixia S100.

These memory cards work the same way as modern VCR machines work, and can extend recording times with different settings available. The smaller formats are designed to take up more space in the MXP, while the long play or LP format gives you more space to work with. Plus, you will use less energy when you use the LP recording setting. With this unique feature, the Canon Vixia S100 is top model.

Source by Bobby Miller