If capturing high def movies is a must have feature in your future digital SLR camera acquisition, then the Canon T1i SLR is understandably a digital SLR camera you should consider. While you won't be shooting a full length docudrama with the EOS Digital Rebel T1i, you can get eighteen minutes of high def 720p at thirty fps. I like that the Nikon D90 12.3MP makes movies at 720p, but only for a maximum of five min, and only for a measly twenty four frames per second.

If your intent on shooting a lot of sport sequences with the Canon SLR Rebel T1i, you should probably do a little more research. The high def movies I've looked at exhibit a bit of variability. With the Canon Rebel T1i, you can alternate between 1080p at 20ps for high def movies, or 720p resolution at thirty fps. It's a good approach to switch to the lower resolution if your running out of room on your storage card, or you want to create long videos.

If you take a lot of minimal lighting scenes, then the 12,800 ISO ratings packaged with the Canon Rebel T1i may be important. Ratings from the Rebel T1i at ISO 12,800 are maybe too impressive, and one speculates how Canon even achieved it. It would appear that Nikon understands the limits of the Nikon D90, and decided not to push a ridiculously high ISO of 12,800 on the D90 Digital SLR.

Don't rely however on what I have to say. A careful scrutiny of images from a Nikon D90 DX and a Canon SLR Rebel T1i will reveal the facts. Canons ISO noise reduction strategies work somewhat, but often blur the detail of photographs.

While, it's nice of Canon to raise the standards in ISO technology, it's obvious that the D90 better signal to noise ratio is of greater importance.

When it comes to swiftness and noise, the Nikon D90 12.3MP is a superior DSLR than the Canon SLR Rebel T1i. If you hate missing out on perfect moments due to a slow shutter speed, you really should choose the D90 here. There are a number of things that make a digital camera fast. Shutter velocity is one. Focusing rate, or acquisition is another one. The D90 Digital SLR does both quicker than the EOS Digital Rebel T1i.

I like getting candid pictures as any lensman should, and that means taking exposures without individuals being aware. The Nikon designers must have the same thoughts, as the shutter button for the Nikon D90 is very quiet. This is convenient, if your capturing candid pics, wildlife photos, or weddings.

Source by Chris Campbell