Enjoy the uninterrupted entertainment from a satellite radio. For the past five years the success story of Sirius XM is building up. This is one of the most popular satellite radio used by the people. The data shows that there are about twenty million paid customers for this satellite radio station. Popularity of Sirius is high that it has contracts with Audi and VW. Other investors in this radio are GM, Honda and Suzuki. There is a lifetime subscription contract with the officials of Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

You can enjoy the clear broadcasting while you are travelling also. There are also some portable receivers introduced that can be used like an iPod or a Walkman. Kenwood is developed by Sirius XM Company to tune the radio in the portable satellite radio. The most popular show on this is the Howard Stern Show. About eighty percent of the subscribers are listening to this program. When this program is on air many of the listeners will be focusing on the show rather than the work they are doing. Many of the people are captivated by this show and they subscribe to Sirius XM just to listen to this program. This program is telecast repeatedly regarding the great popularity of this show. XM merger also has contributed to the popularity of Sirius XM.

The online radio can be downloaded from the website. Sirius is providing various packages according to the nature of programs you are opting for. There are a wide variety of programs like art, music, travel, news, weather, sports etc from where you can pick your choices. Just pay about twelve dollars each month to enjoy the uninterrupted entertainment. There are certain special functions like giving alert to you when a special program or a program of your interest comes on the radio.

Source by Nasrin S