Choosing a handy-cam to buy for you is a tough job. There are so many models available in the market that it is easy to get confused and end up making the wrong choice. After all, every brand out there promises to provide quality at the best price. If that was the case, you could walk into a shop and buy the first camcorder that lay on the display. In this indecisive situation, you cannot do better than go for a reliable and proven brand. Sony is considered to be a world leader in appliances and their digital video cameras have earned the praise of users all over the globe. The Sony DCR SR68 handy-cam is one of the best cameras for a beginner. Here are some reasons why this camera proves to be a good buy.


The Sony DCR SR68 costs $329 if you purchase it online. Considering the usual pricing of digital video cameras, you might have to spend over $500 on a modern high-end camera. This makes this model an exceptionally inexpensive purchase. This is a great job on the part of Sony to bring the camera to the common man's reach.


Despite being moderately priced, the camera offers exceptional picture quality. The professional level Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens allows you to capture high-resolution visuals without any blurs or other noise. The picture quality available at this price means that you get more than you pay for.


Perhaps the best thing about the Sony DCR SR68 is the zoom option. Providing up to 2000X digital zoom, the camera offers outstanding clarity and crispness even if you are shooting from a distance. You can easily take close up shots without having to stand close to the person.


The camera has Dolby Digital sound quality. Every sound in the video is captured clearly without any distortion. There is a built-in zoom microphone that captures every sound made in the shooting radius. The Sony DCR SR68 gives great sound to the memories you capture on video.

Memory Space

The SR68 has an 80GB built-in disk drive which gives you the luxury of storing up to 61 hours of recorded footage in the long play format. You can always transfer the files to your computer to free up space in the camera or get an additional memory stick to increase the space at your disposal.

Ease of Use

The Sony DCR SR68 is an entry-level camera which is designed for people not adept at handling digital cameras. The features are easy to use and the menus can be accessed through the touch screen. The user manual provides a detailed guide as to how to use the camera properly.


Sony is a household name. When you buy a Sony product, you can be sure that it is reliable and durable. You can say that there is a feel good factor about purchasing from a renowned brand. This reliability isn't duplicated by any of the newer brands in the market. These are some great reasons to buy the Sony DCR SR68.

Source by Stan Roderbel