Nikon is high and proud with its D3X. In its main advert for the camera, the manufacturers of this digital SLR call the gadget as their flagship 24.5-megapixel FX-format camera. And the primary and target consumers for this camera are those professionals looking for fine performance. With design considerations touching on the capabilities to handle extreme resolution, file size and better fidelity it is no wonder that a good number of clients and industries are lining up to snap the Nikon D3X. Just this year, this entry by Nikon got an order from one of the general contractor of the Russian Federal Space Agency for the International Space Station or the ISS.

The order is from S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. This order made by the group is one testament this Nikon entry is best as well even in extreme conditions. Another validation that has been received by the Nikon D3X is that they are not looking for any modifications or enhancements on the camera at all. What they want is the same thing that gets in the hands of the regular consumer- the high-performing and ultra-reliable Nikon 3DX.

But what makes consumers and now space researchers look at the Nikon D3X in a positive way? Well it's all in the construction and the design of every Nikon D3X offered in the market.

Built on the FX-format sensor

And it all starts with the lenses used in these cameras. This 24.5-megapixel camera from Nikon also carries the same lens technology known to many top of the line Nikon cameras. The lens included is extremely durable and can be interchanged. The lens for this camera is instant-return type with that depth-of-field preview button. This feature is backed by the extreme resolution offered by the 24.5-megapixel FX-format sensor. This camera is powered by 5.94┬Ám pixels that have the ability to capture the best details even in the most demanding situations.

Current clients of Nikon have such high faith in the camera as it even snap this one for the space exploration program! And since this camera is armed with the FX-format sensor, then this surely reigns supreme over the other camera pretenders with smaller sensors. With this kind of technology, the camera avoids the usual smaller angles associated with the longer focal length camera lenses that are fitted on the 35 mm cameras.

Also making this Nikon camera works is the Nikon EXPEED technology. The presence of this technology ensures that users and consumers can expect rich images and at the same time reduces the amount of noise when capturing moments. Through the use of the EXPEED feature, the Nikon D3X the image processing capability of the camera has been optimized for a number of applications.

Here is another feature of the D3X that motivates the consumer to snap this camera. Did you know that this camera has the capability to snap and to store up to 4,400 pictures for every complete battery charge? It is no wonder that consumers with high and great expectations are lining up to get this Nikon entry even if its price tag is premium.

Source by Marilyn Reid