As one who studied anatomy in my medical course several years ago the one book that has remained permanently on my shelves is Cunningham's Textbook of Anatomy. This is an Oxford University Press publication from 1953 and it was given to me by a dear friend who parted with it so that my career in medicine would get off to a great start. To this day I admire her sacrifice as she must have been as attached to it as myself.

Medical students today have a choice of other great publications in this area. But I wonder about the clarity and descriptions of the various body parts and whether they are as brilliantly displayed and noted as in this one.

While such a tome is heavy and not easily transported there are other smaller versions on the market. No doubt they are passed on by those who either don't complete their degrees or hold onto them as I have done.

Books on anatomy now come in all types from paper backs to e-books. One on Strength Training Anatomy sells for only $26 on the Internet. There are also anatomy colouring books for around $30 in paperback while flashcards sell for around $40. If one could buy my book today it would be around ten times that amount or more.

A book on muscles alone is something that most people might like to own who are body building as well as in the medical profession. It sells in paperback form for just over $100. Another of interest is a book on healing pelvic pain with stretching and exercise techniques included. Even dance and physical fitness books are available.

As the world becomes ever more health conscious the variety and types of publications are expanding considerably. When I entered the university in 1961 the choices were very restricted and usually only available through dedicated book stores or the University. Now It seems that just about anyone can become an expert in what the body can do and how it does it. That is a great break-through and modern technology promises a lot more to come.

Source by Norma Holt