All those who own a camera will also have quite a few accessories like a couple of lenses, extra memory cards, tripod, etc. Most photographers will accumulate accessories over a period of time as well. Regular bags don't have the key features to keep all your accessories safe. To keep all that gear safe and sound you are going to need a proper camera bag.

We have put together some of the top reasons why you need a proper camera bag.

You've got options

A wide range of camera bags are now available with add-on features. Whether you're a travelling photographer who likes to work with a compact camera or with a full blown DSLR, you will find the bags online to suit your different needs. You will find airline-friendly camera bags as well as compact-size cases, which are easier to carry.

They'll keep your kit safe

The lack of padding is one of the main problems with using a normal bag to carry your precious camera kit. These are designed to reduce the impact of bumps, knocks, and scrapes encountered in everyday life. For added protection they are padded and lined with rubber, foam and other materials.

Don't forget the extras

A photographer needs more than just a camera to capture quality pictures. They need a reflector, different lenses, a tripod and even a laptop. To accommodate all these accessories you'll need a bag with room to spare. The bags now come with add-on features like special pockets in different sizes to keep all the accessories safe. So before you take the plunge you have to think about your requirements.

Your back will thank you

Camera kits are extremely heavy, and all those photographers carrying long lenses and DSLRs know that very well. While a sling bag will put all the weight onto a single shoulder strap, a camera backpack will spread the weight of your kit consistently over your back. It is a must-have for all photographers whose job requires them to travel to many places. To distribute the load and save your back for future adventures, you can opt for camera backpacks with waist support.

Whatever the weather

All photographers should be prepared to deal with the vagaries of nature. If you're planning to shoot outdoors you must have a camera bag with high-quality waterproof cover. You will find good quality camera bags made from water-resistant fabric online.

Style & substance

These are no longer dull black boxes but come in stylish designs. They not only look chic but are also designed to give you all the support and make your job a lot easier. They come with quick lift covers, padding, pockets and dividers.

Quick access

Photographers are often consulted on the access routes or the design of opening on camera bags because they know how important it is to speedily reach your kit. You will find these bags with magnetic clasps, zips, and Velcro strips, so it's a good idea to try out a bag before you buy.

Source by Amy Anderson Lee