In the contemporary world, the mobile phones are becoming quite popular among different segments of people. Nowadays, the handsets are not for only used for communication purposes only; quite a few of them are also being used for entertainment on the go. The LG KF600 is one of such device that has gained importance with its multimedia-rich capabilities.

The stunning LG KF600 Venus is designed for the ‘fashionable' people. This gadget comes with two screens, including a touch sensitive navigation screen and a colorful TFT screen. The slide opening mechanism of the phone displays the user-friendly keypad in its slide out position. The amazing dual screen provides easy input method on the lower touchscreen.

The main TFT display of the handset is 2 inches in size and displays up to 262K colours. On a high colour dynamic screen, the users can view wallpapers and screen savers. The lower InteractPad screen comes with a changeable interface. The overall dimension of the gadget is compact with a solid feel, as it weighs 107 grams.

The built-in advanced camera features allow the owners of the device to capture and record the images in either vertical or horizontal mode. The 3 megapixel camera comes complete with InteractPad camera controls, which makes this feature fun and extremely easy to use. Apart from that, the camera options in the LG KF 600 Venus comprises of 4 x digital zoom, auto focus and flash. The video capabilities allow the owners to record the video clips for a lively experience.

To support the changing mood of the owners, the lg venus comes incorporated with a music player. The advanced music player allows the users to enjoy all the favorite tracks complete with easy to use music controls. On this multimedia-rich phone, the users can load or store the content worth 40 MB of built-in memory. For expanding the memory capabilities, the users can add a MicroSD type memory card for storing large amount of data.

Source by Samuel Herrick