Accelerated Muscular Development (also known as the AMD 2.0) is a very popular muscle-building system in these days.

On this Accelerated Muscular Development review we will take a look at the pros and cons of this program and see if this muscle-building system is really for you or not.

Accelerated Muscular Development Review – What Exactly Is It?

Created and written by Jim Smith, strength and fitness coach and also a member of the Elite Fitness Expert staff, the Accelerated Muscular Development is a comprehensive muscle-building system that is built around 4 month progression of workouts.

All the workouts in the program are based on a single template, which has 3 categories (upper body workouts, full body workouts and lower body workouts) and each one of the categories is divided into 4 sections.

Anyhow, the AMD 2.0 system is more than just a workout program and actually this system contains more than ten different eBooks and guides, and also dozens of step-by-step video tutorials that according to the author, Jim Smith, will teach you everything you must know to build massive amounts of muscle and to get stronger faster and in a safe way.

To learn if it's really true and to understand better what you can expect from the AMD 2.0 program let's talk about some of the pros and cons of this product.

Accelerated Muscular Development Review – The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Customizable Program

One good thing about the Accelerated Muscular Development program is that it is not “one size fits all” kind of system.

In the AMD 2.0 program Jim Smith doesn't only show the users his step-by-step workout plan but also gives them the knowledge they must know to get the best results and to customize the program for their unique condition.

This kind of advice is very important and can really help every user to get much better results from any kind of “one size fits all” programs.

Very Helpful Bonus Items

Jim Smith included six very useful bonus items in his AMD 2.0 program and most of the users will find at least few of the bonuses to be helpful for them. One good example is the Deadlift 101 Manual that contains very useful information on all the techniques, methods and ways for doing deadlift right.

Two Months Of Full Money Back Guarantee

The Accelerated Muscular Development by Jim Smith is backed by two months of full money back guarantee and if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the results of this muscle-building program you can get all the money back, so actually there is no risk at all.

The Cons

The YouTube Video Tutorials

One thing that is a bit disappointing is the fact that some of the videos inside the AMD 2.0 program are YouTube videos and not exclusive workouts that could not be found anywhere else.

Requires The User's Commitment And Dedication

One thing you must remember is that the Accelerated Muscular Development program is not a “magic bullet” or something like this and actually this program requires a lot of commitment and dedication from any user who want to get the best results out of it.

Accelerated Muscular Development Review – The Bottom Line

Overall, the Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 system is a very comprehensive muscle-building and strength program that was written by a real men's fitness expert and can really help any user to get great results and to take his body to a new level.

However, like I said before, the AMD 2.0 program is not a “magic bullet” and without dedication and commitment you won't get any results.

I Hope that you found this Accelerated Muscular Development review to be helpful for you, all the best!

Source by Michael Levi