The PSP is very popular and people want to download PSP games. To download games for PSP is very easy if you know what your doing, but if not these game downloads can be hard to find. To do a simple search to Download PSP games will turn up a mass of results.

There are a few different types of download sites. There are the totally free sites which i don't recommend because you'll have endless pop-ups before you get to your download and you'll end up with spyware, malware, adware other malicious viruses. Then there are sites which say they offer free downloads but you have to pay a monthly subscription or a pay per download fee, they only say its free because you don't actually pay for the game. Then there are sites which offer unlimited downloads for a one time only membership fee, the membership on a good site will cost around the price of one game, and then you get access to download as many games as you want, these are the sites i recommend.

A good site to download games will also offer Movies, music, wallpapers and lots more goodies for your PSP, as well as all the tools and software needed to transfer your games to play on your PSP. So for around $50 or less you can get access to download as many games, movies and wallpapers as you like, no monthly fees and no pay per download fees. The best sites will be free from spyware, have fast download speeds and will also have easy step by step instructions as well as 24/7 customer support.

Source by Edd Linham