Princess Diana was both loved and hounded by the press and the relentless, often cruel and insensitive predatory conduct of the paparazzi. Why? This is very clear in her numerology chart.

Diana's Lifepath was a 7. This is, arguably, the most difficult of lifepaths and certainly the one with the greatest spiritual testing. The 7 lifepath often creates chaos, turmoil, stress, tension, discord, suffering, tears, heartaches, heartbreaks, adulteries and betrayals. Although uncomfortable, these issues are designed to drive the person deeper into his or her being to resolve spiritual issues, balance their Karmic Books, and create a more substantive and valuable character.

There are two core aspects to every Lifepath: 1. the 3rd Pinnacle and 2. the 3rd Challenge. These are also known as the Grand Pinnacle and the Grand Challenge because they are the only two aspects of the Life Matrix (the internal structure of the Lifepath) that comprise the energies of all three components of the birth date – the day, month and year. The name for this dual pair of center points in a numerology chart is the Grand Pinnacle/Challenge Couplet, or Grand PC Couplet for short.

Furthermore, the Grand Pinnacle reveals those issues in a person's life which can be likened to what is seen above the waterline of an ocean. The Challenges represent what is underneath the surface of the waterline; hence unseen by the public. Challenges house the more internal issues with which we all have to deal. In the Pinnacles and Challenges rest the dual aspect of the Lifepath in both positive and negative aspects.

To make this easier to understand, visualize a planet or an energy world with the number 7 as its label. Next, imagine a circular core or centerpoint in the middle of this world divided in half, thus creating two hemispheres or two parts of this central circle. Therefore, the image would be a large circle (the energy world of the Lifepath) housing a smaller divided center circle (the Grand PC Couplet).

In the case of Princess Diana, the Grand PC Couplet of her 7 Lifepath was a 5/9 IR Set. The “IR” stands for Influence/Reality where the first number, in this case the 5, represents the incoming energy or cause, and the second number, in this case the 9, represents the outcome, effect or reality the person will be experiencing. To have a 5/9 Grand PC Couplet within a 7 Lifepath is very rare and very telling.

No two numbers identify the public more than the 5 and 9. The 5 is the Number of Man; the 9 is the Number of Mankind. The 5/9 IR Set indicates an energetic condition intrinsically saturated and intertwined with people and the public stage. No number set encompasses the full spectrum of people more than this 5/9 combination.

Therefore, with the 5/9 as the dual core of Princess Diana's 7 Lifepath, there had to be a massive amount of public involvement associated with the drama and tragedy of her destiny in both very public and private aspects. There was absolutely no way her life could have been devoid of mass attention – for better or for worse. In many ways, this 5/9 pattern helped create her enormous popularity through her Grand Pinnacle, and in other ways generated the negative press through her Grand Challenge. This 5/9 Grand PC Couplet of her 7 Lifepath was the double-edged sword of her unprecedented fame.


Princess Diana's life was both fairytale and tragic. Yet, it was not accidental. She was both massively popular and massively hounded by the press. One of the primary reasons for this was the highly unusual 5/9 Influence/Reality (IR) Set located in the Grand Pinnacle/Challenge Couplet of her 7 Lifepath. This 5/9 number pattern involving both the Number of Man and the Number of Mankind is the main factor creating her destiny, which clearly manifested an example of a two-edged sword of enormous fame and global recognition.

Source by Richard Andrew King