Even a few years back, if someone would tell me that it is possible to perform an Xbox repair at home simply by using the instructions of a manual, I would find it hard to believe. But things have changed since then. Now not only that you can get rid of an Xbox error code all by yourself at home, but at the same time you can get it done within a couple of hours! Think I am kidding? Well not at all. This is fact and hundreds of gamers all around the world these days are now going for it.

The main reason why Xbox manual based repair is becoming more and popular in the gamers' zone is, Microsoft does not go for Xbox repair for warranty expired broken consoles for free. In such cases you might have to pay them as much as $100. However, there is really no point of spending all that money to get a single fix for an Xbox when you can purchase a manual for less than $20 and buy some simple Xbox repair tools based on its instruction for a very reasonable price to perform all kind of Xbox repair.

Looking for an Xbox 0021 fix- learn about the error first

Now if you are looking for an Xbox 0021 fix for your console, at first you need to have a proper understanding about the error itself. It is believed that one of the main reasons of an Xbox getting infected by error 0021 is a problematic firmware flash. Any problem with the southbridge chipset can also lead towards this error. Here one thing you need to keep in mind and that is, the manual based self-fox method is considered as the best option only when your machine is no longer covered by the Microsoft warranty. If it has the warranty still active then do not hesitate to send the piece back to Microsoft as they does error fixing for free for warranted machines.

Buying an Xbox repair manual to get rid of Xbox error code- watch out for scams!

Unfortunately like most other products of the market, the Xbox repair manuals are also not immune from scams. You will find many repair guides in the online market which will offer you the “best” repair for any kind of Xbox error code. But when buying one, make sure that the guide you have chosen to perform a self-fix for the console includes the following features:

1. It offers detail repair instruction in simple English backed by video based instructions which will show you how the repair is conducted by a professional.

2. Guarantee of a permanent fix for your console from some of the most common Xbox errors.

3. Effective repair procedures which will allow you to fix the machine within a few hours instead of days.

4. A money back guarantee which will make sure that you can get your money back (if you claim it within the specific period of time mentioned by the developer) in case the manual is not being able to provide what it was suppose.

There are some guides available in the market that actually includes all the above mentioned features under a single package.

Source by David Shell