One of the key pieces of equipment which everyone wants to have these days is a bigger and thinner monitor. No longer are people satisfied with the 19 inch monitors. The bigger monitors available are also more expensive, bulkier and have poor resolution. Well now we have the View Sonics VX 2835 monitor which offers size, quality and performs well- and is cheaper than most monitors its size on the market. At $700, it is a great deal. The View Sonic VX2835WM is a 28 in, flat panel computer monitor.

The VX 2835 is widely sold in most computer stores and offers the following stats:
o 28 inch display.
o Maximum brightness (cd/m2) 500
o Video inputs, Composite S-video, component
o HDCP-Yes
o Picture in picture-Yes
o Speakers- Yes
o Tilt- Yes

It is also important to mention that the monitor does not have a USB port or a TV tuner. The onscreen menu is nothing special but easy to use. All the connections are the back like the older monitors. Being slightly heavy it does not offer a swiveling base but does tilt up and down. It does weigh about 26.5 pounds. The VX 2836 WM model features a 1920×1200 native resolution. One thing about the View Sonics 2835 is that it was made to be of practical use with little or no room for junk. While it is not as elegant or as expensive as other brand models, it does give a great image. It was chiefly built for those want a big display in a thin form factor. The 3 ms response time of the screen makes it great for fast-flowing games and for watching movies. Anyone spending less than $700 on a 28 inch monitor certainly should not expect it to be the best, but the Sonics View does not disappoint. When hooked up with game consoles, the View Sonics did accomplish the mission.

The few negatives about the monitor include no USB ports or side inputs. In general, this monitor has good features for the money. The VS 2835 is a step up from the smaller size screen. While it is not top of the line product, it definitely is worth buying. Individuals who are on limited budget and would like something cheap with a great screen will not go wrong with the VS 2835. The monitor does come with DVI to HDMI cables and is quite bright. The other bran names with same size and similar features cost anywhere from $1,200 and above. For those individuals who are undecided about the monitor, go to a store near you and get the professional to show you the image on the VS- you sure will not be disappointed.

Source by Eric Herskowitz