The mobile phone has changed since the past few years. Today, the phone is used to view movies, play music, browse the Internet and of course, stay in contact with friends. With so many aspects, it is needless to say that the cell phone requires special applications and software for it to cater to all the requirements. If you intend to have your cell phone double up as a music player while you are on the go, you would definitely need to look at whether the cell has these features:

Standalone Player: A standalone player application allows the mobile phone to work just as a real time player would. The Standalone player has playlist functionality, which allows you to create playlists and upload them onto the mobile phone. You can upload complete CD collections as playlists into the cell phone, and then play them as you would on your music system.

3.5 MM Jack: A 3.5 MM Jack is not a necessity, but it definitely increases the quality of the music that the mobile phone emits. The 3.5 MM jack also works well, because most computer headphones, laptop headphones etc can be connected to the 3.5 MM jack. Therefore, you will not only get a good quality of music on the cell, but you will also save some money on buying new headphones on a regular basis.

Speakers: Some mobile phones today can be connected to speakers, so that you can not only listen to the music on the earphones, but you can actually connect them to portable speakers. This works very nicely for people who are travelling from place to place, or even for those who are at a place where the ambience requires some light music.

These are the three important features that a mobile phone that would play MP3 music should have.

Source by Roy Daniel Dsilva