Human Resource is the main important component of any organization. They worked so hard to find right manpower, to maintain all documents, to manage all shifts timing, to create exact payroll, to answer queries and so on work to do. Being an HR professional that you have to manage all multiple work in an efficient and effective manner. HR faced many tasks on daily basis, look easy to do but this tasks needs high level of perfection as well as time. That's why, Automation System works here that help companies Human Resource Management to done their work fast and with 100% accuracy.

From last few years, there has been an impressive augmentation of adoption of AI powered technologies, real-time reviews, online reputation management, cloud computing technologies and what not. Robotics, Drones, Driver-less Cars and so on are the examples of advance technology. Few years back that we couldn't have imagined how technology would change the work of human. How many people have imagined that an automated computer system i.e. Chat bot answer the queries of online users without any help of human or how many people imagined that we could store data or files over the internet and access from anywhere at any time even after the loose of our functional system.

Advance technologies, whether it is cloud based or AI based or any other, completely changed the work structure, it reduced human efforts, generate accurate results and beneficial for every sector even in the HR field, technology also input their impression and with the help of technologies, HR can execute his/her work effectively. A Cloud based computing technology is quite trending in HR sector in the form of Human Resource Management System or you can say HRMS, well-known system in Human Resource Management. It helps HRs to manage in payroll, time & attendance, employee performance, documentation, etc. with lots of the other useful features. And the most important thing is – it is useful for every level of business, no matter if you're a startup, mid-sized or large business.

There is such a positive and impactful impact of cloud based HRMS in human resource administration. It terminate the errors while calculating the payroll of large amount of manpower with the help of tracking each employees in & out time by biometric integration system, adjust over-time & comp off, maintain attendance & leaves as well as diminish the daily work load of human resource executives.

Before the popularized of HRMS, there were lots of the issues that an HR faced and some problem suddenly pops out that an HR have to solve. Let explain those such problems when an HR faced before HRMS: –

• Many HRs professionals used Excel format to record and maintain data.

• Manually track of all the employees who were taken leaves on that particular


• Check manually daily attendance and leaves.

• Solved employee's attendance issues which suddenly pops out.

• Difficult to calculate over-time.

• Hardly managed to made reports.

This list would keep going.

This was the point of change where an HRMS came in to help HR's to generate effective productivity.

There are lots of the benefits of HRMS as we compared to traditional method for manage and calculate regular work. A complete Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is able to handle all HR related work on daily basis. Some of the best features of an HRMS:-

• Payroll Management

• Attendance & Leave Management

• Over Time & Comp Off

• Document Management on Google Drive

• Integrated with Biometric Machine

• Employee Self Service

• Expense Management

• Email Alerts

HRMS helps your Human Resource Management to complete their work on time and with 100% efficiency. But when you adopt HRMS for your HR Department then make sure that you opt one of the best system under reasonable price. Choose for the best service provider who's using latest technology to deliver the effective solutions.

In this way, Tech2Globe also put their efforts and build a new Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to make HR work easier and quick with lots of the useful benefits. Our HRMS help your business to generate effective outcome. It is very easy to use for everyone. Along with this, Tech2Globe offer you absolutely FREE TRIAL of HRMS for 30 days for every new users. You can avail this the free trail offer and use before to invest in this.

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Source by Garima Mahajan