The GMC Yukon XL Road Bike is a great starter bike for someone just getting into road biking or road racing. Check out some of the features:

1 – Aluminum Frame

2 – High-Profile Vitesse Aluminum Rims

3 – Vitesse Racing Saddle Seat

4 – Shimano STI Shifters – 14 to 16 speeds

5 – Frame Sizes – 20″, 22″, and 25″

6 – Light Weight – 26lbs.

7 – Brakes – Tektro 510A alloy caliper brake

Road Biking has become a very popular sport and more and more people, men and women, are getting into the sport. Some may have dreams of being the next Lance Armstrong, some may just want to get into a competitive sport, some just for the social aspect, and then there are those that want to get in better shape, maybe lose a few pounds. There are also those who just can't handle the high impact sports, such as running, because of the impact on their knees and back. Biking is a perfect replacement. Whatever the reason, the GMC Yukon XL Road Bike should meet anyone's needs.

What is a road bike? It is a bike that is built for speed and to be able to travel further distances on paved roads. They have thinner tires and are more light-weight than your standard bike. The handle bars are drop bar design for a more aerodynamic position, helps you with your speed. A road bike will have more gears, enabling you to handle hills and flat terrains more efficiently.

Maybe there is someone on your Christmas List that wants a Road Bike.


Source by Carole Rowland