Photoscape is fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos. View photos in your folder, create a slideshow, resize, adjust brightness and color, white balance, correct backlight, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, add text, draw pictures, crop and remove red eye.

Photoscape is a free program for editing pictures. In Photoscape you can quickly and easily do everything properly. The software contains all of the standard editing features for retouching, optimizing and printing, adjust in no-time the size and colors of your photo, create a slideshow or an animated GIF, switch your photos in black and white or sepia, add a frame of a size you want, add objects, text, balloons or geometric shapes, corrects defects, crop the image or apply filters and enhancements and get red eye disappeared.

Photoscape greets us with a startup screen where we can choose the action by clicking on one of the icons. The Interface is very user friendly. Photoscape offers several interesting effects and filters and is a RAW converter to work with digital photos of superior quality. The screen capture function allows to make a screenshot of the entire screen or only the active window or a predetermined portion. There are minor options, but always helpful, such as renaming hundreds of images with a click.

The freeware is one of the pearls of the free photo editing programs. With a few clicks, it merges multiple photos into a collage. If you do not need super professional program such as Adobe Photoshop, download Photoscape. The only weakness may be the fact that with Photoscape you cannot publish your pictures directly from the program.


Source by Rana Imran Yousuf