Getting near the end I wondered how Scott was going to end it so quickly, unless of course it had a sequel. Yup, that is what's going to happen because the next adventure must commence especially since this one wasn't really a finale. It certainly reached a summit, but there is a realization when reading the story that a whole lot of things can happen in the end, and of course while getting there.

Creating a story of characters that are already friends is one thing, but bringing in strangers to become friends and weaving their lives together can be a task. Scott does that with a charm and detail that brings them to life. You enjoy meeting them, and really enjoy joining them on their journey. You wonder, revel and sympathize with their situations, thoughts and emotions. Turning the pages to find out what happens next is the only thing you can do. Unless of course it becomes a movie, then you can watch that too, which is really what you see in your mind as you read this book. Honestly traveling with these characters was fun and exciting.

This book is one of the reasons I really love to read fantasy. You can create anything you want and the readers will gobble it up asking for more. The story can weave, dodge or jump with something new, and well written stories keep you seated easily adapting to the change. The story marches forward and you are steadily beating the drum stomping forth for more.

One of the things I hate with some books is beginnings that drone on trying to set the stage for the storyline or characters. This book's beginning set the stage if you will, but you really didn't realize it until further into the story. Then you had your ah ha moment that tied it up with a bow. And then realizing what was going to have to happen still didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the story. That's due to not only the story, but how it was written. The moving forward never stopped or slowed down; it just flowed like a river over an obstacle course as you thought about what pool it would settle in.

Scott created a story of two brothers and then two sisters and then two more brothers who become not just friends but comrades, allies and fighters for not only themselves and their families, but strangers and creatures alike. Their special gifts allow them the abilities needed to help and succeed whether others felt no hope. Their greatest gift to others was not the fighting they did, but the hope and love they offered.

Get this book for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and strangers. They will love the characters and truly enjoy the tale.


Source by Colleen M Bratley