With many people looking to upgrade their laptops every one or two years it is not difficult to find cheap second hand laptops for sale. Many of the older laptops are still able to play some older games and all will be able to do simple tasks such as word processing and checking emails. This article will discuss how to find cheap second hand laptops on any budget.

Refurbished laptops are the most expensive ‘second hand' laptops on the market but if you can afford them they are worth every penny. These laptops are those that have been sent back to the manufacturer by the original purchaser due to some fault. They have been fully fixed by the manufacturer and are restored to their original condition. They are almost like brand new laptops but are discounted as they had a previous owner and are now an older model. Most of these laptops come with a one year warranty, making refurbished laptops a great deal for people on a medium budget.

If you cannot afford refurbished laptops then you should try looking at some online auction sites for people selling their old laptops. There are literally hundreds of laptops available so you should do some research and find a laptop that is reliable. Unfortunately, these laptops will probably not come with a warranty so it is risky to purchase them.

Lastly, you can look in some classified (both online and in local newspapers and magazines) to find some cheap second hand laptops for sale. The best part about using local classifieds is that you won't have to pay for delivery- you can pick up the laptop in person.


Source by Warren A Jones