“Do you have a charger? My cell is out of charge and I've to make some important calls.”

“Yeah, Sure. Have this.”

“Oh No.  It's for the iPhone; I need one for my BlackBerry.”

This is one very common dialog we often hear around us. Now let's go through another story.

James has an iPhone, Scarlet owns a Nexus One while Adam uses a BlackBerry communicator. One day, they all go one by one to Chris asking for a cell phone charger. Chris uses a Nokia Communicator, but still, he takes the devices from all three of them, and charges all the three at the same time.

You would think it as a real fiction until you could know that Chris also owns a PowerMat.


Powermat is the new wonder in the Cell Phone Accessories Industry and has revolutionized the concepts of cell phone charging. A Wireless Charging device was only a dream before the introduction of Powermat and with its profoundly advanced technology, powermat has taken the wireless charging to a whole new horizon. Powermat is designed to work in almost any environment without difficulty of usage.

The Device:

The Powermat charging devices basically consists of two major portions; the various sorts of cell phone cases & connector known as Powermat receivers, and a Power Mat Wireless Charging Mat. A whole set of numerous cases and connectors are available with the original Powermat Chargers, (with custom enhancements separately available) enabling you to charge almost any and every type of communication device.

How does it work?

If we talk about the charging feature, Powermat chargers are the easiest to use chargers. You can charge any of your communication devices simultaneously in just two easy steps.

  1. Connect your device with the custom PowerMat Receiver.
  2. Place it on the top of your Power Mat Charging Pad

Your cell phone is now on charging mode.

Technical Functionality.

Power Mat works on the principle of Electro Magnetic Induction, just like used in small electric transformers used in home appliances. When connected to electricity, the Power Mat Charging Pad produces a very strong Electromagnetic field which induces specified current in the Receiver section of the Power Mat and your cell starts taking the charge on. The amount of induced current produced in the charging panel is monitored carefully by the electric sensors infused in the Power Mat to make sure the exact amount of charging current produced for a specific device.

The only thing you have to care while charging your cell via Power Mat charger is the alignment of your device upon the Power Mat Charging Pad. The accurate would the alignment be, the faster it would charge. (NOTE: Power Mat allows a built-in check for alignment via light and voice signals based on RFiD Handshake feature.)

Power Mat is becoming very popular among those people who like to carry more than one communication devices at a time. Powermat charger also allows you to charge many different sorts of cell phones at a time. Also the over charging issue is out of question due to the Auto Shutoff upon the completion of charging.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your own Power Mat right now.


Source by Ronniee Williams